• "We were very pleased with the quality, and the chemical was well packed and shipped."

    — Graham C. from UK
  • "We are very pleased with the material quality and timeline! (we're) planning to order more materials in the near future."

    — Matt J. from California, USA
  • "You have excellent chemists and project management for complex tasks. Accela's timely completed synthesis helped us move an important project forward quickly."

    — Jian G. J. from Shanghai, China
  • "订购你们的定制品让我很放心!假如我们在自己实验室合成,纯度标准往往会放宽;后续反应碰到困难时就有更多疑问需要排除。而且自行合成一次不成功时也很费时,你们承担了失败的成本; 谢谢!"

    — Jiang, Y. from New Jersey, USA
  • "你们韶远的订购服务最好,我们每次都优先选择你们。"

    — 江苏一医药开发公司