Diphenyl Phosphorochloridate

  • CAS号:2524-64-3
  • MDL编号:MFCD00003030
  • 分子式:C12H10ClO3P
  • 分子量:268.63
  • 韶远库存批次纯度:99.7%, 99.9%
  • optical purity:
  • 相关药品名称:-
  • 产品说明:化学试剂、合成砌块、合成子
  • * 韶远所有产品仅供科研使用
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韶远 SY002939 >97% 25g 50.00 2 单位 >5 单位 即日
韶远 SY002939 >97% 100g 123.00 0 单位 >5 单位 即日
韶远 SY002939 >97% 500g 295.00 2 单位 无现货 即日
韶远 SY002939 >97% 1000g POA 0 单位 >5 单位 即日
Hydrogenolysis of the phenyl groups yields the monophosphate ester of the alcohol. Glycosyl monophosphates have been prepared in this way. Alternatively, treatment of the glycosyl diphenyl phosphate with sodium azide in DMF provides a high yield route to glycosyl azides: Carbohydr. Res., 223, 169 (1992).
Diphenylphosphate has also been exploited as a good leaving group in the high yield conversion (equivalent to dehydration) of secondary alcohols to olefins by thermal elimination: Synthesis, 1300 (1995).
Aldoximes to nitriles at room temperature: J. Org. Chem., 34, 2805 (1969). Peptide coupling, via the mixed carboxyl phosphate anhydride: Chem. Ber., 94, 2644 (1961). Carboxylic acids to anhydrides: Synthesis, 219 (1981). ω-Hydroxy acids to macrolides, promoted by DMAP: J. Org. Chem., 47, 1612 (1982).
Lithium enolates give enol diphenylphosphates in which the phosphate moiety acts as a leaving group; e.g., ketone enol phosphates have been converted to the corresponding alkene by reaction with organocuprates: Tetrahedron Lett., 4405 (1976). With amides, internal displacement occurs; subsequent reaction with NaN3 gives azirines: Helv. Chim. Acta, 76, 2830 (1993).



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